The YCSD Third Annual Energy Throw-Down Challenge: April 23 - May 23!

Please see flyer and calendar

Some helpful energy conservation tips:
- lights:  turn off or reduce intensity when not in use
- make use of recycling bins for sorting paper, cardboard and plastic bottles
- encourage use of refillable bottles and encourage plastic bottle recycling
- turn off Smartboards when not in use
- reduce/eliminate use of classroom appliances
- reduce paper/copying
- maintain edible gardens and encourage health snack alternatives
- model energy conservation in our schools

MESMS Blood Drive @ MESMS Gymnasium
Tuesday, May 6 from 2:30 - 7:30 PM

A representative from the NY Blood Center made a presentation to students, teaching about blood and the need for blood drives. All students then spread their knowledge and asked at least 10 people to donate blood. Student volunteers will help direct donors, serve them snacks after donating and give homemade thank you cards.

Anyone aged 17-75 can give blood. More information can be found at
Donors can walk in without an appointment or they can contact Ms. Klinchy via email at kclinchy@yorktown.orgPlease consider donating blood.

Please see the YCSD 2014-2015 Calendar-at-a-Glance, approved by the BOE 3/10/14. Also, please see the dates for 2014-2015 Parent-Teacher conferences.

Attention All Students:  Please see this link for resources to help learn how to type!

Continuously updated events from community partners

Attention All Students:  Please see this link for resources to help learn how to type!

Please enjoy the current YCSD television programming on FIOS channel 27 and Cablevision channel 18.  You can also access videos here on the web too!

All Board of Education videos, including the latest from April 7, 2014, are here. It is annotated in conjunction with the agenda to make it viewer-friendly.  

The most current BOE meeting video is shown via YCSD-TV via FIOS channel 27 and Cablevision channel 18 at both 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM daily.

Mildred E. Strang Middle School and Yorktown High School Named as New York State Reward Schools

Based on significant student progress over the past three consecutive years on New York State assessments, Commissioner King and the Board of Regents have designated the Mildred E. Strang Middle School and Yorktown High School as Reward Schools, among 359 schools from across the state that have made the most progress or have the highest performance with no significant gaps in student achievement. See full release

Please see this important letter from Dr. Napolitano and Dr. O'Connor regarding the 2012-2013 New York State Assessments.

Please see NYSED Commissioner King's letter confirming that the Yorktown Annual Professional Performance Review Plan (APPR) has been approved (August 2013).

Important News for Kindergarten Parents

Attention Parents of
Incoming Kindergarten Students:

Please see the Kindergarten Registration web site for important information about the process and documentation you will need.

Teacher Websites

Many of our teachers now have websites, linked from the "Faculty Webpage Links" button.    Visit them frequently to find out about homework, announcements, and other class information.    You may also email the teachers from their websites.   Email is an efficient way of contacting your child's teacher.
Click here for teacher sites

Daily Announcements

Welcome to our school! We are a child centered primary school that believes in developing the whole child. Mohansic has a dedicated and talented staff who is committed to providing each child with a solid foundation in academic, behavioral, social and emotional skills. We encourage independence, and individuality while understanding the responsibilities we have to one another. Mohansic has a strong partnership with our parent body as well as the Yorktown community. It truly is "a special place."

Please see our featured Mohansic artists and their masterpieces!

"We Salute America" by Mohansic Second Graders (April 2014)

Here is "Squirm" by Mohansic's First Grade (Feb 2014)

Welcome to Mohansic for the 2013-2014 School Year!

Parents, please note that supply lists and other important information is provided via this link or via the pull-down "For Parents" section in the center section of the navigation bar.